Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fiddleheads for Sale

We sell fiddleheads and deliver fiddleheads to anywhere in the continental USA. All fiddlehead ferns are shipped from Everett, MA and originate from Canada, Vermont, Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Need a fiddlehead fern shipment right away? We offer fiddlehead shipments overnight by UPS, FEDEX, and Eastern Connection. We offer we send you fresh fiddlehead ferns by air. We ship fiddleheads out of Logan airport in Boston, MA. We tend to ship out of Continental Airlines as well as United Airlines and will use your account number with their cargo department. If you need your fiddleheads right away, call us at Ruma's Fruit.

Ruma's Fruit & Produce Co.
(617) 389-8090
Fax: (617) 387-7894
210 Beacham St
Everett, MA

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