Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fiddlehead Season 2009

Ruma Fruit has plenty of fiddleheads! We receive fiddleheads from all of the New England states and Canada and we have a steady stream of fiddlehead ferns coming into our warehouse. All of our fresh fiddlehead ferns are pre-treated, washed, and boxed in 10 lb boxes. We haveabout 6 weeks before the fiddlehead season is over.

We are in full swing and receiving fresh fiddleheads daily, and we have plenty to of fiddlehead ferns to sell. If you need pricing on fresh fiddleheads, call Ruma Fruit at (617) 389-8090 and we can give you a quote right away. We ask that you order your fiddleheads in quantities of 10 lbs or more. We sell and ship our fresh fiddleheads via UPS, FedEx, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and Continental Airlines. You can also pick up your fresh fiddlehead ferns from our Everett, MA location.

Ruma Fruit & Produce Co, Inc
210 Beacham St
Everett, MA 02149
Call 1 800 252 8282
Call:(617) 389-8090
Fax: (617) 387-7894

Fiddlehead Season2009 is just starting. . Fiddleheads are a great addition to a fresh salad, as well as for freezing, boiling, and sauteeing with butter and garlic. Check out our Fiddlehead Recipes in our Fiddlehead Blog Archives.

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