Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fiddlehead Sales - How to Order Fiddleheads

We are happy to announce that we have more fiddleheads today. Perfectly picked, treated, washed, and boxed for all to enjoy. We offer fiddlehead delivery via UPS/FedEx, and airlines departing from Boston Logan Airport, If you want to buy fiddleheads from Ruma Fruit & Produce Company, call our Fiddlehead Sales Team at (617) 389-8090. Call Mark Ruma for Fiddlehead Availability and Jim Ruma for Fiddlehead Pricing. For fiddlehead delivery locations via UPS, FedEx, or one of the airlines, call andwe can arrange your fiddlehead shipment for you. Reserve your fiddlehead ferns today, and we will set aside fresh fiddlehead ferns for you.

Ruma Fruit & Produce Co, Inc
Toll Free: (800) 252-8282
Local: (617) 389-8090
Fax: (617) 387-7894
Email: sales@rumasfruit.com

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