Friday, May 9, 2008

2000 lbs of Fiddleheads Just Arrived in Boston, Ma

Good Morning Produce and Fiddlehead Buyers!

Ruma Fruit & Produce just received 2000 lbs of fresh fiddlehead ferns today at our Boston location. Fresh Fiddleheads to be delivered or picked up from Ruma Fruit. We are located in Everett, MA and are only 5 mintues north of Boston. We sell fiddlehead ferns in quantities of 10 # fiddleheads and 5# clamshell fiddleheads. Let us know how many pounds of fiddleheads you need, and we can send them overnight to you. We also sell fiddlehead delivery by Continental Airlines and United Airlines.

We offer overnight fiddlehead delivery ASAP through UPS and Fedex. When shipping fiddleheads by airline, we use your account # and fly your fresh fiddleheads from Boston Logan Airport.

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