Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Know your farmer?

We love spring for so many reasons: working with the windows open; how the house feels after a good spring cleaning; fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmer's Market.

Tooling around the Farmer's Markets is one of our favorite things to do: whether it's a weekday market or a weekend market, we love the buzz of the crowd, overhearing the tidbits of information from the farmers to their customers, and the variety of goodies that abound!

Looking for a Farmer's Market near you?  Want to find a new one?  Check out this database - within seconds, you can see all in your area!

Knowing your farmer - and where your food comes from - seems 'retro' and 'hipster', no?  Indeed, it's certainly trendy these days.  We are pretty sure our grandmothers (who hung out the laundry to dry, bought rice in bulk, and reused containers from the get-go, before the word 're-purposing' was invented!) would not call themselves 'retro' or 'hipster'.  They'd look at us, furrow their brow, probably say something like " these days..." and call themselves sensible.

We like being sensible.

And we like knowing our farmers - like Dane, here with Jim and Mark Ruma. 

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