Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fiddleheads Are Coming! Fiddleheads Are Coming!

Fiddlehead Season is almost here! In 2 weeks, we will begin receiving our first shipments of Fiddleheads. If you are interesting in buying fiddleheads, please call Jim Ruma at 617-389-8090. Ruma Fruit is located in just outside Boston, MA and we deliver fiddleheads to any restaurant, grocery store, supermarket, and delicatessen in the continental USA. Fiddleheads are a delicacy to be enjoyed and savored. They have a very short season, and everyone should try fiddleheads at least once. If you are interested in selling fiddleheads to Ruma Fruit & Produce, feel free to call Mark Ruma at 617-389-8090. If you are a supermarket or grocery store, we can set up an account for you and start sending you fiddleheads right away.

Call Customer Service:
(617) 389-8090

Fax Customer Service:
(617) 387-7894

Email: sales@rumasfruit.com

For more information, regarding setting up an account, you may call Ruma Headquarters in Everett, MA at 617-389-8090 or email us sales@rumasfruit.com

(Ruma Fruit & Gift Basket World is a division of Ruma Fruit & Produce Co, Inc.)

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