Friday, April 18, 2008

Fiddlehead Ferns are Everywhere!

Ever go to Maine and stop by the side of the highway or near a stream? Well if you did you would see a few fiddlehead ferns sprouting up. they are everywhere. Fiddlehead ferns small, inconspicuous, and blend in with grass and weeds. You can become a Fiddlehead Picker too and sell them to Ruma Fruit. We buy all fiddlehead ferns that you can bag, box, and ship to Boston, MA. Please try and send at least 100 lbs at any given time as increasing gas prices can delve into your fiddlehead profits. If you are in Canada and want to sell fiddlehead ferns to Ruma Fruit, call us and we can arrange trucking over the border. We are constantly importing fresh fiddlehead ferns into the United States and shipping them to restaurants, supermarkets, and small family grocers all over the continental USA.
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